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Ms Nejjar, a widowed mother of six, was charged with complicity to adultery.

The pair were released from custody and are due to appear in court on 1 September.

The MUR released a statement condemning the incident and accusing the two of committing an "extremely serious fault" that amounted to "a violation of the principles of the movement, its orientation and its values".

The incident went viral on social media as users took to the internet to criticise what they believe to be the religious leaders' hypocrisy in their teachings regarding sexual freedoms and relations.

Police said the pair were found in a “sexual position” in a car, the The incident is said to have occurred on Saturday at a beach in the port city of Mohammedia, about 16 miles north of Casablanca and 40 miles south of the Moroccan capital, Rabat.

Mr Benhammad, who is married and has seven children, was charged with attempted corruption.

PROSECUTION The government improved its law enforcement capacity by enacting an anti-trafficking law, but it made limited efforts to investigate and prosecute potential trafficking crimes.

Rabat - Six teenage suspects were arrested in Morocco on Monday after video footage of young men reportedly sexually molesting a woman on a bus caused widespread outrage on social networks.

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They were both suspended from the MUR earlier this month after the two were found in a "sexual position" in a car on the beach.

The half-stripped victim is seen crying out in distress as no passenger intervenes to help her and the bus fails to come to a halt.

Public transport company M'Dina Bus said the incident happened on Friday.

MOROCCO– At least fifteen teens in a rural Moroccan town are being treated for rabies and reportedly having sex with a donkey, according to the New York Post.

The teens spent a week at the Mechraa Belksiri Hospital in the hospital receiving treatment and receiving a rabies vaccination, after the animal transmitted the disease to them.


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