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Purpose: To inform Dads who have been falsely accused by their ex-spouses, of what options they have, what works, what does not work, and the difficult struggle they are about to partake.

None of us, even in later life, can ever really prepare for the loss of a husband or wife.

Justice For - Wrongly convicted Pittsburgh Dad "Divorce & Child Custody Tactics for Women Do you want to maximize your husband's pain and suffering during your divorce? - by Jake Morphonios New Information in Jeremy Fraser Case Reinforces Need for Jeremys Law Shared Parenting July 8th, 2008 by Ned Holstein, MD, MS Warren - Author of Why Men Earn More, Father and Child Reunion, Why Men Are the Way they Are and The Myth of Male Power. "A lawyer's guide to fatherhood" - Children all children have an innate sense of constitutional law. ), privacy (ah, those teenage years) and, of course, free speech (I HATE you! "Fathers' Rights Book May Be Banned by Mass Court" - Fathers Rights Activist, Kevin Thompson. Most conservatives say all the right words, but usually end up doing what the liberals want for lack of any real marriage movement leadership.

Kevin Thompson's book is available here - Court Statement by Kevin Thompson! Custody is just another description for the tremendous problem of father-absence.

When he thought about it afterwards, he realised that Rebecca must have prepared everything meticulously for their children — sons Lorenz, then nine, Tate, then six, and daughter, Tia, just four — the night before, when the running of the household, and everyone in it, was her responsibility.

As every mother knows, the secret to the school run is all in the preparation: making sure homework has been done, school bags are packed, uniforms ironed and lunchboxes filled.


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    However, it's not possible to view a Group Calendar in the Calendar pane, which means that you cannot display side-by-side calendar views with any other Outlook/Share Point calendar.

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    These tables are taken from Singer publications; they show the dates for a particular range of serial numbers for the given plants.