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The app has an optional icon which can further notify them that they are being monitored.

After the software is setup on the monitored phone, it will log an array of phone activities and then insert the information to your account using the Internet.

Facade is an award winning interactive fiction game unlike any other.

If you wish fiction could be more engaging and interactive, Facade is the game for you.

She tried to get up, when two masked guys jumped from behind the trees, tied her to her bicycle, ripped her clothes and started shagging her.

Sebastian pried open the front door and quietly stepped inside.

It was a lovely Sunday morning and Caroline decided to go out for a bike ride.

She rode to the woods enjoying fresh warm air, when suddenly her bicycle stumbled over a rope stretched between two larch trees and she fell down to the ground.

Jacob went to visit his friend, but he was not at home.Singles can connect online and test their web-based love connections in person.In some cases, it's only a few minutes after virtually chatting, thanks to location-based features.Your actions will have a lasting impact on their future, and it's in your power to nudge them towards their impending divorce or coax them towards reconciliation. If you manage to offend them, you'll get kicked out of their place!This game allows you to type your own conversation with the characters without any limitations you are welcome to call me if you are interested……!! I work in an international organisation at IDB building at Dhaka.


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