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Before you know it, your teen may be entering the dating world.For many, raising a teenager is the most intimidating chapter of parenthood.I'm talking about sexually charged woman who believes that good sex is a vital component of a romantic relationship and doesn't want to settle for anything less.My opinion about sexual transparency is practically heresy in the heterosexual dating advice world, where women are routinely admonished for letting it be known that they like sex.But you don't want to stand out to everyone; you just want to stand out to the type of person who shares your values -- sexual and otherwise.When we meet a potential love interest in person, we’re taught to look for certain red flags—like being rude to the waiter, calling incessantly or not at all, or claiming that his favorite book is The Da Vinci Code.These conversations and decisions only become more challenging when the time comes for your teen to start dating.

It can help your child avoid devastating, and possibly life-threatening, errors in judgment.“Above all, it is critical that parents be truthful, honest, and available to their children,” says Charles R. D., FAAP, Chief of Adolescent Medicine at Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco and a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Committee on Adolescence.“Parents often have their own agenda — don’t do this and don’t do that.

Discipline becomes increasingly difficult and may feel impossible to maintain.

It’s tough to know when to set rules and when to give freedom, when to bend and when to stand firm, when to intervene and when to let live.

Communication is often one of the trickiest minefields to navigate.

It’s a struggle to know what to say, when to say it, and how to say it.


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