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Brown passed away after a long battle with ovarian cancer and CT was devastated, along with her friends, family, and fans.Recently, CT participated in an interview with Hollywood Life and said that, because he is now a father, he hopes to set a better example for his son on the show.He told Hollywood Life: The main reason I came back, I know there’s going to come a time where he’s going to see me on TV. Coming on this show, I like to think that I did it for him and for the right reasons.I want him to see me as I am today, and not some punk running around with his head cut off, smashing heads, you know. Darrell can attest to this, me and him are the old men on the show — all we did was trade baby pictures with each other. Also, it became more about me and getting my life back and doing it for me. I had my ups and down through my twenties, and I’m here now still sharing my life on TV. Diem passed away in November 2014 after after her ovarian cancer metastasized.CT made an appearance last year alongside Diem's sister Faith to honor his former flame.

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What Tamburello hadn’t planned on was how much he would miss CJ.

If one of the best “Challenge” champions could still hang with the new kids. I didn’t know they were filming it until the next day. Johnny Reilly, another guy from Boston, is a good dude. I tried to stay busy while I was in my little fog (after Diem passed) and when the dust settled, I took steps to move forward, not move on — I think there’s a difference. But people are trying to invest in property, and when it comes to an investor, he doesn’t really care if I’m on TV or not.

Zap2it got to speak with CT about his triumphant performance on Wednesday’s (Jan. ” I was like, “No, that’s enough for me.” I didn’t wanna go there and have Vinnie slamming shots down my throat … And the last thing you wanna do is have drinks with this guy, pretend to be his friend, when all you wanna do is choke him. Someone in production was like, “Oh, we were reading the notes from last night — that was awesome! We play some games online every once in a while, but other than that, not too much. I took this real estate tour and I ended up talking to this guy about getting a new place. I do everything from rentals, to flips, to certificates … He wants to know about his rate of return and how fast he’s gonna make his money back.

Coming on this show, I like to think that I did it for him and for the right reasons," he says.

"Also, it became more about me and getting my life back and doing it for me."CT's return to reality television comes as a surprise to many, as he has not starred in a series since passing of his ex-girlfriend, Diem Brown.


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