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“So, she swallowed her pride, picked up the phone and spoke with him to clear the air and apologize.

She told him how thankful she was to have been casted by him in the first place, and that she was totally out of line to say what she said.

Radar reports: “It was Megan that made the first move to talk with Michael,” a source tells Radar.

“Since Transformers, she hasn’t been getting the leading lady roles she had hoped for and Megan was starting to get concerned that it was because of what she said about Michael.

Sure, nobody liked it, but it’s also made the lowest amount of money in the franchise. It’s the secret weapon that’s punishingly long, climactic battle sequence.

More than any other element of filmmaking, editing is what either makes or breaks the finished product.

The surest reasons for how plodding this is are the film’s six credited editors (an anomaly in and of itself, as most films typically only have one-to-three editors).

Between them, this team has some incredible accomplishments.

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However, he has said that he will adopt a kid when he feels the time is right. He lives in Miami Michael Bay an American filmmaker known for directing and producing big-budget action films.To defeat the Decepticons and evil space sorceress Quintessa (Gemma Chan), a group of Autobots, U. military personnel and our civilian heroes descend on a portion of Cybertron — as it crashes into the Earth above Stonehenge — and are met by a barrage of enemy forces and gunfire.Giant robots and army dudes battling other giant robots in the sky? But in practice, it’s an incomprehensible bore of gunfire, explosions and shouting.movie which is in the process of being re-written presumably to include, “Dude, just TONS of scenes where the Turtles are nailing her.I’m talking ninja fight, then BOOM, Donatello’s on it. On that note, I’ll be playing all four, and they use C4 instead of gay weapons now.Few of them are Cara Michelle, Lisa Dergan, and Pamela Anderson.


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