Excel screenupdating not working error updating public folder with busy information exchange 2016

i suspect it is because I use select/activate, copy and paste from different other worksheet which is seen as a LIBRARY. I wonder if it is possible to save the library in XLA and then call the objects from XLA file using EXCEL VBA.

Is it a better way of dealing the flickering screen.

I've got a listbox which populates a second listbox from cells on a hidden worksheet which is done through macros.

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I spend a lot of time in VBA, so new features in Excel don’t generally inspire me.

File Dialog(mso File Dialog File Picker) If doc To Open.

Range Dim o Frm As frm Progress Dim Portion Done As Double On Error Go To Err_Exit str Text To Insert = "Annual bonus rates for the last five years" str Text To Find = "Discharge Pack" Set doc To Open = Application.


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