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It found that women talked more frequently than men about sexual matters including sexual behavior, sexual feelings, dating and romantic relationships, "making out," the dangers of sex, abstinence, how attractive members of the other sex were, how attractive they themselves were, date rape and contraception.

The findings were published last month in the paper "Communication with Friends about Sex-Related Topics During the Transition to Adulthood." "If parents (particularly mothers) talk about sex more with their daughters than with their sons, women may learn to discuss these issues more openly and frequently than men," she wrote.

David Copeland, 37, is co-author, with Ron Louis, of How to Succeed with Women, How to Succeed with Men, The Sex Lover's Book of Lists, and the Mastery Program Tape Series.

It's a definite challenge to the age-old image of locker-room banter versus the demure chatting of a knitting circle.

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