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We need some raw data and we will utilize Customer Service Dashboard sample database here. First we will design the structure of what all option we want to present for filtering the data, which you can see in the interface below.

Once the user clicks on Show Data we will use a SQL statement to filter-out the data as per the drop down options selected by the user and the put them in the table below.

Within Microsoft Excel, you can execute queries on your My SQL server and import the data directly into an Excel Worksheet, presenting the data as a series of rows and columns.

With both applications, data is accessed and imported into the application using , which lets you execute a query though an ODBC source.

Let’s start with a simple example and a simple query. Your file may be stored on a server, or it may be stored locally. On the Login tab, enter the credentials you established for the Custom Reporting ODBC Connection.To display the latest data from an ODBC data source: Note After you synchronize, any field options you set in File Maker Pro might be reset if the ODBC data source doesn't force that option.For example, if you selected the Not empty validation option, after synchronizing, you might have to reset that option.You use Microsoft Query to build the SQL statement to be executed, selecting the tables, fields, selection criteria and sort order.For example, to insert information from a table in the World test database into an Excel spreadsheet, using the DSN samples shown in Chapter 5, Configuring Connector/ODBC: The same process can be used to import data into a Word document, where the data will be inserted as a table.The Custom Reporting ODBC Connection that came out with Quick Books Enterprise Solutions 2011 is a wonderful feature that allows faster access to more information than ever before.


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