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In any case, it gets to be pretty sad that so many people lose their jobs because of one person's death, but if the work was good enough it's likely that those who worked on it won't have too much trouble finding another job.

If the author is still alive but decides to quit, they're preventing a Franchise Zombie.

Unfortunately, the dude only managed to finish 24 tales before he suffered an insurmountable and permanent state of writer's block commonly known as death."A Fandom's worst nightmare: A creator dies before completing their work, leaving it orphaned.

John Lennon with his caustic wit and Paul Mc Cartney’s baby-faced good looks were the more obvious pin-ups.

Though he had his fans too, with his soulful dark eyes and chiselled cheekbones, George’s appeal was more subtle.

From the very earliest days when the group were deported from Hamburg because the 17-year-old George was underage to his narrow escape from being murdered by an intruder at his home, Harrison and turbulence were never far from each other.

He married model Pattie Boyd, one of the most beautiful women of their generation only to lose her largely through his own carelessness; when George had an affair with Ringo’s wife Maureen, Pattie went off with his good friend Eric Clapton.


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