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Indigo blue-and-white Moroccan tiles blanketed the walls around me.

A hum from the room's heating vents buzzed in the moist air, lulling me into an eager peace.

Surveying is the art and science of measuring the land to locate the limits of an owner's interest thereon.

A cadastral survey is a survey which creates, marks, defines, retraces or re-establishes the boundaries and subdivisions of Federal Lands of the United States.

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“I wanted to become the rare book curator.” Pirie was the youngest in a cohort of twentieth-century American collectors of early English literature, among whom Robert H. Long-time Princeton resident and major antiquarian bookseller John Brett-Smith (1917–2003), although British-born, was also a member of this cohort. All had a bond and loyalty to the legendary New York antiquarian bookshop Seven Gables, which supplied each of them with tasteful, distinguished, and provenance-rich copies of major and minor monuments of England’s literary greats.We also have images of survey plats and field notes, land status records, and control document index records.Due to organization of documents in the GLO collection, this site does not currently contain every Federal title record issued for the Public Land States.We have a variety of Land Patents on our site, including Cash Entry, Homestead and Military Warrant patents.Survey plats are part of the official record of a cadastral survey.ANNOTATED BOOKS Thomas Tusser, (London, 1622); binding with the crest of Robert Glascock. Skemer The Manuscripts Division acquired three works at the Pirie auction: an Elizabethan prayer book c.


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