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MORE: Panel faces murky path with lawmaker's sex confession The House Select Committee on Discipline and Expulsion was set to convene Tuesday to review the case and discuss whether Wollmann's behavior was "unbecoming" of a legislator. Timothy Johns, R-Lead, said he was still in discussion about whether the panel's hearing should take place despite the resignation.

Qualm said he thought additional review of the situation was unnecessary as Wollmann voluntarily stepped down."At this point there's really no reason to have it because once he's resigned, by then our job is done here," Qualm said.

The South Dakota Legislature hires college students to intern in the Statehouse each year.

Typically, legislative research council employees select college juniors and seniors for that program.

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Every legislator has an obligation to refrain from behavior unbecoming to the Legislature and inconsistent with maintaining the public’s trust."Wollmann last week admitted to House leaders and to reporters that he had consensual intercourse with one legislative intern in 2015 and another in 2016.

The admission, which appeared to be at odds with the rules set for South Dakota lawmakers, launched an investigation by the House Select Committee on Discipline and Expulsion.


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