Dating smart men

But oddly enough, after the lesson is learned, they seem eager to offer advice to others about their bad experiences.

So, the latest pseudo-intellectual relationship study being widely parsed and analyzed throughout social media and mainstream media alike, is the “study” on how men love dating smarter women, but only in theory.

She won’t always be looking for discrimination, like a chicken clucking after bugs in a barnyard.

You won’t get the throwaway snotty remarks about men.

Each person has their own strength, and is a smart at their own field. I wouldn’t come close to his understanding of programming, and he has a passion for mechanical watch that is unsurpassed. Some would like to have a partner with similar intellectual capacity. My father, accomplished in his own rights, have always said my mother is much smarter than him.

It is always kinda interesting to hear him speak about their history and their inner work, even though it is definitely not my area of interest. Some would like to learn from a more experienced partner. Don’t group us all together under one label of women. And he knew it they day they met.(After all, that day he did cheat off her on a test.

I can relate to how difficult this can be, but the benefits it can bring are worth the discomfort.

We talked about the baseball game that was on TV, because the party’s host is a former professional baseball player.

We talked about marriage and divorce because one of the guests was a divorce attorney.

But now, as a grown-ass man, I’m officially tired of hearing that vapid, ignorant bullshit predicated on the notion that men are mostly knuckle-dragging trogologytes who fear intelligent women the same way the GOP fears climate-change scientists.

Not only is that perception false, but it’s essentially impossible for men to fear dating smart women – because it’s impossible for a man to meet a woman whose smarter than him in every way possible.


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