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A Channel 4 I-Team investigation found Foxe is friends with several inmates on Facebook and Instagram and openly communicated with them.

We found one of her friends, who goes by the name "Dough Boy," has images on his Facebook page of himself rapping and eating pizza inside prison.

yet, they base their relationships decisions depending on when a guy was born.

TPFW is a diagnostic center for females entering into the system.

The Channel 4 I-Team showed the postings to Davidson County Sheriff Darron Hall, who has long forbidden correctional officers in his jails to have any relationship with inmates. Dickson is at West Tennessee State Penitentiary where Foxe once worked.

When Dickson showed the picture, he wrote, "I need it in my life." When Dickson posted that he needed support, Foxe wrote, "I got you." We wanted to know if the Tennessee Department of Correction was aware of the Facebook communications, and a spokeswoman said it is an ongoing investigation.

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