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Suppose someone committed unlawful sexual activities (not actual intercourse) with another during childhood, before puberty (13 and under).

As a result of not understanding, they realised they were ...

I've been told that during sexual intercourse, you must only use parts of your own body.

However, to pleasure us both further, would I be able to use a simple scarf (or other materials such a rope or ...

Drop a question out of nowhere while you’re all cuddly on the couch to spice up things. Just getting him to talk about sexy you’re putting him in a certain mood.

Or throw him one right before his morning routine−who knows to join him in the shower!

So, in keeping with our mission of keeping you informed and safe we have put together a list of the questions that have spooked us the most over the past 18 months with honest, to the point, no nonsense (and sarcasm free) answers. While various birth control methods can decrease your chances there is no 100% effective form of birth control and all are subject to user error.

You know there will be a lot of action going on if he chooses to go to bed completely naked! For him getting his likes voiced is almost like getting them visualized in front of him! i had sexual thoughts for a long time and i was thinking i know its not permissible to mastrubate to porn and thats 100% haram but is it haram to mastrubate without any sperm or liquid coming out of ...In Islam, it is the husband's right to have sex with his wife whenever he desires, as long as she is not menstruating, she is in good health and neither of them are fasting. I know its haram to watch porn and I don't watch it but is it haram to think about people having sex or me having sex with someone?Because it scares us how much some sexually active teens DON’T know about sex, pregnancy and STIs.Silly or not some of these questions get asked so often that it makes us believe they are sincere. Every time you have sex you run the risk of getting pregnant.There is really no rule as to when and for what situation these questions are suitable for; you can ask your long distance relationship boyfriend, the guy you’re on a third date with, your one-night stand guy, your precious husband. Does it really matter if you already know by heart all his erotogenous zones?


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