Becky g and cody simpson dating

The two broke up only two months after the world witnessed the legendary “I Heart T. Harry Styles has been linked on-and-off with Kendall Jenner.

From vacationing together to going out for dinners, no one is really sure what’s been going on between these two…

a cheat sheet to young Hollywood’s relationship web!

While the year is winding down, the love lives of our favorite celebrities have only taken us on an even crazier roller coaster ride of emotions than ever before.

In a past interview with ABC, Becky G revealed that she embraces the gap in between her teeth and it’s here to stay.

, the 18-year-old admitted he still has love for his former flame, but says their high-profile relationship was taking a toll on him, mentally and creatively.

They were actually set up by Ellie Goulding who allegedly also hooked up with the artist.

We will forever miss #Tayvin’s PDA filled romance that only lasted a little over a year. Fans dubbed them #Hiddleswift and while their romance spanned the globe, it couldn’t span the test of time.

I want to keep it low key, and focus on my music.” Part of maintaining that low-key lifestyle Cody wants is surrounding himself with a close circle of friends.

He said Justin Bieber is “definitely a mate,” but they don’t see each other very often.


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