Updating white kitchen cabinets Free live wepcamchat

After living in her home for 20 years, actress Christina Applegate loved every room — except the kitchen.Online interior design firm Laurel & Wolf helped her craft a clean, modern kitchen that's far from the "god awful" space Applegate describes here.

If you're tired of cleaning crumbs or from grout lines, or are numbed by the dull, matte look of your ages-old laminate counters, chances are your kitchen counters can benefit from a complete refresh.

Pinterest In the hundred’s of homes that I have been in over the last ten years, the obvious giveaway on the age of the home is always the kitchen, and usually it’s the colour of the wood cabinets that defines it even faster.

If I walk into a kitchen that has dark brown cabinets, I know it was installed in the last 10 years.

We provide you with the highest quality cabinets, made in the United States and crafted with excellence. At The Cabinet Factory, you can trust that our products are made in America and delivered with quality.

White kitchen cabinets offer the most timeless look and the one you’d least tire of over the years.


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