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3) You’re a foreigner who knows the customary tip in the US is 15% but feign ignorance so you can save a few bucks. (Swear that happened to me once.) 5) You ask “What are the specials? 6) After you’ve eaten all of your food you decide you don’t like it and demand a full refund. ) 10) You arrive on time but your friends are an hour late.

7) You ask the waiter for ice, sugar, and lemon and make your own lemonade. ) 8) You request a list of the CD’s we’re playing on the house stereo. You insist on being sat in the dining room but refuse to order anything more complicated than water with lemon and five baskets of bread.

John Oliver may insist that “Last Week Tonight” is merely a comedy show, though viewers know he’s done a lot of great journalism while producing the HBO late-night series.

But on Sunday (June 5) he really outdid himself, not only in journalism but also in kindheartedness — and he got to yell, “Fuck you, Oprah!

We’re a people of relatively simple tastes, and you’ll notice that virtually everything gets shortened down.

I’m certain I’ve missed more than a few here – particularly when it comes to regional variations. A Note on Beer Measurement: Australians love their beer, but they also love to confuse the hell out of anybody ordering it.

But damned if it doesn’t sound sexy in that Aussie drawl.

Lapidus contrasts personal violence with a powerful criminal conspiracy by linking the victim to both Nicklas’ childhood and the assassination of Swedish prime minister Olof Palme in 1986.

Thomas is a hardened, violent, surprisingly idealistic cop who turns to the Serbian Mafia when the Stockholm police betray him.

And Nicklas, recently returned from a mercenary tour in Afghanistan, is convinced that Sweden’s true enemy is its epidemic of violence against women, prompting him to launch an obsessive mission to avenge those wrongs.

” The main segment in the episode is about consumer debt and how credit card companies and banks can sell the debt off for pennies on the dollar to debt-buying companies, whose entire job it is to harass people about debt they can’t possibly pay off.

RELATED: John Oliver busts the myth of popular scientific studies “In April, we spent to incorporate a debt-acquisition company online in Mississippi called Central Asset Recovery Professionals Inc,” says Oliver, adding that the name is CARP because the debt-buyers are such bottom-feeders. After setting up the company and a very bare-bones website, Oliver says they “were offered a portfolio of nearly million of out-of-statute medical debt from Texas.” The price? Oliver and his company bought the debt — well done, HBO — to demonstrate that if he wanted to, he could now have CARP employees start harassing people over medical debt that’s so old, it’s considered “out-of-statute” debt and they legally no longer have to pay it.


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