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I am not promiscuous (have had 2 sexual partners), and a long term relationship. Also this diagnosis assumes that everybody's personality should conform to some sort of norm whereby certain traits do not exist or co-exist as that would constitute a disorder. I have a constant change of my emotions, I think yes, im going to do this and this is all that matters/is important to me, then over night, not interested any more.

I don't overspend, I don't use alcohol excessively on a regular basis and I have never used drugs. Impaired perceptions, I have had yes, but they fall under the psychotic category, (if we're using labels now) as I don't think that believing the devil has reincarnated himself in your body for the sole purpose of taking you to hell would fall under a BPD - esque belief, and I don't have disruptive relationships, at least not to any excessive degree, i.e. By these rules half of all 21 year olds in Britain fall under the "personality disordered" label. I believe the reasons I got diagnosed with this were; - I had repeatedly overdosed after months of torment from voices and virtually no intervention or help from services. I ask questions, I refuse medication, and I'm quite outspoken when I feel like it. So can we start saying that a person who is very loud, verbose, obnoxious and arrogant is disordered now because we as a society deplore those traits? And thank you so much for your help See this is why I am half/half on the situation. I have a problem with staying 'excited' with relationships and friends and am constantly loosing an idea of who I am or what I want (career changes over night, want to be a mother, dont want to be, want my bf to propose, dont want to marry him any more, love my life, want to run away ect) Harmful impulsivity.

The scam only ends when the victim realises they have been scammed, often when the person doesn’t arrive to meet them, and stops sending money.

The sense of loss of the relationship and gap left in the victims life can be immeasurable and can give rise to the scammer engaging in a second wave of defraud, capitalising on this grief.

Online dating is now part of everyday life for millions of people.

There are many success stories of people meeting new partners this way, 23% of people in UK meeting someone online that they didn’t know before (Dutton and Helsper, 2012) and 6% of married couples meeting their long-term partner (Dutton, Helsper, Whitty, Buckwalter and Lee, 2008).

Indeed, many of the innovators who gave us the Internet and social networks can easily be described as narcissistic.

Technology did not invent or even foster narcissism rather, it was driven by it: an increasingly narcissistic populace demanded empowerment, self-expression, self-gratification, and self-aggrandisement via gadgets and software applications that catered to its pathology.

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To be honest I did not actually know anything about it until today and still patiently awaiting my 'official diognosis' interested in seeing some other peoples scores that have it too.Photographers braced themselves for trouble - the diminutive singer is known for picking fights with the paparazzi.But instead, he joked with them and said he was going to be 'nice for a change'. So far, so good, though photographer Paul Hennessy noted that Kay 'had obviously had a few'.But there are also increasing numbers of people who are subjected to damaging experiences. Scammers create false profiles using stolen photographs and begin to engage in conversations.With its roots in paper mail based fraud, the online dating scam emerged around ten years ago and it is estimated from a nationally representative survey, that almost 230,000 people may have been affected by romance fraudsters (Whitty and Buchanan, 2012). Very early on, they try to encourage their victims to move away from the site to private messaging and profess strong feelings of love.But as the car pulled away, one photographer apparently got his camera lens caught and broken in the closing electric window as he tried to take a picture.


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