Slutty chat sites

Working more-than-full-time probably doesn’t help, either! I’m writing these sentences after a robust glass of wine and will almost certainly take several attempts to finally post this.

Well, with each passing minute the guilt grows and makes it harder.

We’re relieved that everybody now recognizes the fact that the software and websites we use are and can be used to protect, rather than harm.

Bryce Walker is a high school jock who believes every girl in school wants to sleep with him—including Hannah Baker, a bullied classmate whom he sexually assaulted before she took her own life.

I am a 24-year-old gay man living in a major urban center. One of my good friends—call him Jerry—helped me out of a huge jam.

I received notice that I had to vacate my apartment while I was overseas, and Jerry volunteered to pack up my stuff and put it into storage.

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That culture of abuse ends in her violent rape, after she's been so dehumanized that her assailant can't even see her as a person. I’ve been busy, but I mean, in a year and a half, how busy do you have to be to not post even once?FUo S plays a small role in the documentary film GTFO by Shannon Sun-Higginson.(Available on i Tunes, Vimeo, Google Play, Xbox, Playstation, and Vudu.) GTFO started filming shortly after the Cross Assault incident over three years ago, and grew to examine more than just that one instance.We’re proud of the involvement in the film, and we’re proud of what has changed since FUo S started.Have fun out there, GC, be thoughtful, be safe, be considerate.


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